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image11Portable appliance testing is the in-service inspection and testing of any 240 Volt electrical appliance fitted with a 13 Amp plug or any 110 Volt appliance, to ensure the ongoing safety and compliance, as set out within the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

Various tests are performed to measure compliance and will include:

  • Functional Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Earth Leakage
  • Earth Continuity Test (Class I Equipment Only)
  • Thorough Inspection of the Equipment and Lead

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places the duty of care upon the ‘Duty Holders’ which applies to both employers and employees to ensure the safety of all persons using equipment within the premises.

Previsions and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 states that every employer shall ensure that the results of an inspection made under this regulation are recorded and kept until the next inspection. The combination of these regulations applies to all electrical equipment used in or associated with places of work.

image12Electrical Safety Testing Ltd provides a programme of Portable Appliance Testing to meet the recommended guidelines for Frequency of Testing as Issued by the IET and Health and Safety Executive. ( For more detailed information see Frequency Testing Table)

Minor faults found during the course of the inspection will be repaired as we find them and the appliance re-tested. All minor repairs are carried out FREE of Charge, including the following:

  • Replacement of faulty or damaged mains plug (B.S 1363/A)
  • Replacement of damaged or incorrectly rated fuses
  • Re-wire of incorrect connections in the mains plug
  • Repair to faulty cable grips in the mains plug
  • Minor repairs requiring less than 10 minutes labour
  • Re-test following repair.

All appliances are labelled with the result of the test PASS or FAIL. Results are provided in pdf format providing you with an accurate database of all of your electrical equipment on site. In addition hard copies of the reports can also be provided in a professionally bound folder.

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